User Reference Guide for Elevator Ropes


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User Reference Guide for Elevator Ropes by Brugg Lifting This guide serves as both a basic primer to the elevator industry novice, and a helpful reference for the experienced professional. It thoroughly covers elevator-rope classifications, construction, designs, end fittings, termination procedures, techniques (1:1 and 2:1 installation, and 2:1 rope replacement), installation best practices, maintenance tips and other data that, when followed, can help extend hoist-rope life expectancy.

In an open informative manner, the book offers a large glossary of terms specific to the field and includes over 300 line illustrations to help answer questions.

Topics: Basic Elevator Systems, Types of Elevator Ropes, Elevator Rope Manufacture Sheaves, Rope Interfaces & Terminations, Elevator Industry Tools, Rope Handling, Rope Installation Technique, Compensation Rope/Chains, Installation, Elevator Rope Maintenance, Rope Defect, Door Relating Cables & Glossary of Terms

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