Education Focus Vol. 2


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Educational Focus, Volume 2 compiles 20 ELEVATOR WORLD articles from our Educational Focus Series published from 2008 to 2013 and are divided into four sections.

Section 2.1 is about elevator drives, the prime mover of all traction elevators. Section 2.2 is about elevator ropes, which is the second most important component of traction elevators. Section 2.3 is about elevator brakes, which is as important as the drives and hoisting ropes from a safety point of view. Section 2.4 is on selected topics related to the mechanical and structural systems of elevators (hoistway/cabs).

Each chapter comes with learning reinforcement questions and a tutorial where certain points within the article are elaborated or clarified to assist in the readers’ understanding of the content more thoroughly. These articles include hands-on procedures and techniques that can be used by field personnel to help install, troubleshoot or repair elevators.

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